Product/Pack-shot Photography

Responsible for maintaining retail brand product image libraries.

  • Receive product promotion lines and identify missing, new or updates packing
  • Source images from brand agencies
  • Source location of products to stock holding store
  • Determine gear requirement for shoot - lighting, camera, tripods, light booths etc..
  • Prepare shoot environment
  • Locate products in the store
  • Photograph all products and save using SKU naming conventions
  • Photograph any promotional displays at location
  • Retouch and deep-etch new products
  • Confirm correct resolutions, colour modes, formats for web and print
  • Enter and update library assets
  • Notify build team of image availability

General Photography (staff, events, functions)

  • Group photos for individual and team awards ceremonies, print academy classes, functions
  • Sporting events - soccer, cricket, cycling, running
  • Internal newsletters, human resources personnel database
  • Staff security profile images

Photography - Outsourcing

  • Source and evaluate photography service providers -nationally
  • Negotiate shoot rates in keeping with project budgets
  • Co-ordinate (client/photographer) shoot locations and dates for product and lifestyle shoots
  • Quality control, retouch, deep-etch and reformat for image libraries
  • Supply to design and retail catalogue build teams

AFGRI, Metcash Africa, Creda Head-Office and Training Academy, Tupperware, Amway, Western Cape Provincial Government

NOTE: I am most familiar with basic lighting setups using Canon DSLR's or Sony Alpha operating systems and enjoy outdoor photography.