Colour management standards and procedures
for plant quality monitoring

Responsibility Overview

  • Manage and drive correct colour handling procedures specific to output streams: offset (litho) and digital printing
  • Implement procedures and tools (hardware/software)
  • Correct use of colour profiles, colour modes, optimisation based on output
  • Managing client expectations of colour and image quality
  • Maintain output equipment: EFI-Epson proofer and spectrometer, Kodak Plate setter exposure and development monitoring
  • Monitor and update press colour performance - arrange press profiling and plate curve updates per unit/press.
  • Evaluate final printed products: quality checks for colour,  tonal gradations, registration, back-ups
    as well as binding and trimming accuracy.

Colour Quality Checkpoints 

  • Client pre-submission assistance with artwork quality and colour usage checks
  • Preflight incoming artwork - image resolutions and colour modes/conversions
  • Tagging colour profiles (dependant on client requests)
  • Output colour managed proofs (ISO 12647-7)
  • Ink optimisation to improve colour/tone and reduce (CMY) ink coverage to improve drying time
  • Confirm plate output screen ruling conforms to print stock
  • Inspect plate control wedges for development quality
  • Press delta-E readings (previously standard densities)
  • Press-sheet visual comparison to EFI certified proof.

Prinergy RGB-CMYK conversion, Photoshop conversion (image specific), Alwan Optimisation (CMY replacement),
EFI Spectoproofer (Delta-E Certification), Plate Densitometer (Reading Linear Curve Plates 1-2% tolerance)