Responsibility of all official internal and external company communications


  • Liaise Sales Teams to develop and compile group marketing material - generic and customised leave behind material
    • leaflets, folders, business cards, flyers, corporate gifts, invitations

  • Formulate bespoke (client specific) presentation material for sales pitches, tenders and project strategies
    • power point presentations
    • sample/test prints and applications
    • customised process workflows to meet client needs - presentation (info-graphic/workflow)

  • Standardise all corporate branding for internal and external communications:
    • corporate documents, stationary, internal forms and procedures
    • mailers - email signatures
    • quote letters, purchase orders, invoices
    • vehicles - branding, inspection checklists, delivery notes, security access displays
    • site security access cards and personnel profile lists/audit documentation
    • human resources documents - leave applications, overtime requests, disciplinary/corrective action procedural documents
    • notices and billboards
      • labour law outlines, basic conditions of employment, induction manual, orientation material
      • health and safety, evacuation drill/route posters, building safety signage
      • safety team, fire fighters team, staff equity representative team posters (co-ordinate photo-shoot and personnel audit)
      • emergency contacts display
    • training manuals and guides for staff
    • internal functions - promotion, personalised invitations, audited vouchers, event photography, produce printed souvenir photo-books (staff handout post-event)

  • Marketing material for festive promotion runs Sales Executive drop-offs
    • Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring Day, Christmas - cards and corporate gifts
    • Develop team-building/message strategy within budget allocation and co-ordinate procurement/branding staff gifts and prizes - staff apparel
    • Advertisement placement in publications - trade magazines and in various publications printed for clients

  • Social Media and Web Platforms - Facebook, Google
    • receive and monitor all communications and comments from online posts
    • respond to online reviews and disseminate to internal departments (positive and negative feedback)
    • follow-up and action all enquiries via web-pages/social media platforms
    • private Facebook team group page - admin : used for team-building, good news highlights and encouraging messages
    • private Facebook company photographic archive
      • project self-initiated to scan and photograph corporate/staff/event prints to post for all staff to view/comment
      • +1500 images captures and posted (circa 1970's - 2017)
      • ex-employees located on Facebook and invited

  • Group WhatsApp Admin - used for internal staff communications
    • general notices from GM, working hours notices, thank you messages, birthday announcements, informal team surveys


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