Projects - Specialised Print Products

Retail Promotion: Multiple products for launch and competition (UNITRADE)

  • from client campaign brief ascertain specific requirements and competencies
  • formulate a project plan based on each product and plant function
  • present project to sales and production role players to explain each function and outcome and check whether facilities and staffing is in place to produce campaign in the required time frame
  • feedback to sales and client on project requirements and confirmation of timelines
  • generate all origination material – designs, layouts, variable data templates whatever can be done before project goes live to speed up proofing and throughput
  • present project and campaign updates as job goes live
  • formulate audit and quality check stages and procedures
  • report back on plant effectiveness with regards to following agreed plan, quality control and per department output according to production plan

    This first campaign was successful and attracted more print orders from this client.

Examination Material - Variable Data (DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION)

  • from client brief determine exact requirements for project and determine which skills and software systems are needed
  • agree on the exact format of content to be submitted by client
  • agree on specific logistics requirement – per learner, school, district, province
  • call project meeting with all role-players to outline requirements and confirm resources and skills needed within the production teams.
  • carry out all upfront file and vdp template preparations to await live data
  • prepared detailed audit and quality checklists for all stages of production
  • monitor production process and provide back-up to missed data records and record spoilage to ensure accurate audit
  • compile project review to indicate successes and weaknesses in the handling of the project through the plant with feedback to division managers for team accolades and corrective action

    This sensitive project, with regards to information security and timeline was successful and boosted the client’s confidence in our team’s experience and ability to handle large VDP print runs on the newly acquired digital inkjet web press.

Multi-disciplinary launch of new retail client account (AFGRI)

  • ascertain all front-end and production requirements for new account – specifically design, photography, promotional builds and in-house marketing needs – as discerned by new account sales manager
  • confirm resources and competencies and motivate for additional capacity and resources to meet requirements
  • present all project aspects to origination teams – design, promotion builders, asset library management and photographers (sourced for remote locations)
  • prepare presentation pitch: graphics, services offered, integration proposals, B2B solutions ( stationery tools), sample promotion builds, plant presentations and tours, planning systems and online proofing training and adoption
  • present front-end pitch in person to client in Gauteng plant with live demonstrations of design capabilities, online proofing, online stationary order to instant print and Q & A

    This tender was successful based largely on the above representations

Projects - Operational Implementations

Online proofing system/ software assessment (KODAK INSITE)

  • evaluation of software and hardware solution (at Brussels test centre)
  • develop system roll-out project of software, hardware and related procedures
  • develop service level agreements, support mechanisms and escalation procedures (full service back-line)
  • train all role-players – in workflow usage, data hierarchies and new process quality protocols
  • infrastructure preparation: domains, server, network, electrical supply, lighting, airlines, chemistry usage and waste handling
  • system tests of entire workflow (files, impositions, proofs, plates to press) mirroring active workflow
  • live-date switch over and simultaneous existing/active system shut down
  • feedback monitoring to formulate updated procedures, quality control mechanisms and corrective steps
  • investigate further integrations of workflow to enhance throughput and client experience – advanced pre-flighting, automated job submissions and remote proofing

New front-end workflow introduction and change-over (HEIDELBERG/KODAK)

  • preparation of training material
  • staff and client training (nationally)
  • review functions with software suppliers / staff / IT support
  • go live (cut-off) date with final systems
  • online corporate stationary solutions
  • co-ordinate artwork and data preparation - design studio / IT developers
  • marketing and client demonstration sessions
  • database confirmations (active clients)
  • online client branding for B2B self-service online orders

Production Plant Relocation (CREDA COMMUNICATIONS)

  • compile inventories of all equipment with dimensions (measured)
  • infrastructure and utility requirements - electrical, plumbing, compressed air, network and phone points
  • department floor plans - furniture and equipment
  • workflow plan - to optimise throughput of work from front-end to logistics
  • safety signage - fire exit routes
  • machinery moves - rigging and general transport
  • co-ordinate supplier installations