Practical training of contracted apprentices

  • Assessment and evaluation of new applicants
  • Training based on a four phase modular system
    • Company induction, safety and first aid
    • Ergonomics, computer terminology, software, hardware, computer literacy, operating systems,
      filing hierarchies, data storage, communication fundamentals (networks)
    • Typing and font usage
    • Page layout: InDesign - image placement, typography, style sheets
    • Drawing: Illustrator, composite paths, masks, blends, tracing
    • Scanning - reflection/transmission
    • Bureau Operations - health checking, pre-flighting, reading and understanding job tickets
    • Colour separation - modes, trapping and output applications
    • Colour retouching: Photoshop - cloning, local/general colour correction, layers, layer masks,
      deep-etching, transparency blending, resolutions, cropping, output formats
    • Page Make-up: InDesign - element placing/positioning, trapping, colour usage (spot colours), text, rules, marks, output formats
    • Phase 2 Test (external examination)
    • Sample Documents: brochures, leaflets, business forms, stationary, financial tables, book-work, magazine layout, labels, posters, signage
    • Colour managed proofs: calibration and spectrometer reading certification
    • Platesetting: imposition, image area positioning, file formats, final output separation checks, screen ruling,
      screen angles, exposure, development check (calibration plate output)
    • Phase 4 Final Trade Test  (external examination)
    • Three theory blocks over 2.5 to 3 years running concurrently
    • Final assessment report for candidate certification

15 apprentices successfully trained from 1998 up until 2019 in blocks of 2-3 candidates per intake; three of whom are now in mid to senior level management at various printing companies nationally.